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Dr. Moshe Weinberg & Co., Law Offices & Notary is a leading law firm that specializes in civil law.

The firm was founded in Tel Aviv in 1974.
From 1985 until 1993 a branch office was operated in New York, USA.


The firm practices in the area of planning and zoning (mainly infrastructures), land releasing, land development, land expropriation, real estate and general civil law.

The firm represents many clients who were affected by different decisions of the state of Israel regarding their land, focusing on the infrastructures (roads, railways, gas stations, gas routes and more).

The firm also specializes in promoting development and betterments land projects regarding its clients, accompanying the projects from the beginning of the process, by connecting the client to the professionals that are required to the project, including architects, appraisers, engineers and advisors, who work with the firm frequently and are among the leading professionals in their fields, up to filing the programs to the relevant authorities in order to execute the project, their approval and accompanying the project judicially all the way, including taxation aspects, betterment taxes and judicial issues that arise.

The firm promoted and initiated a development of thousands of housing units all over the country.

As a consequence of the firm's fields of expertise, advocates of our firm appear particularly in administrative petitions and before Supreme Court, sitting as High Court of Justice. Advocates of our firm also serve as receivers on behalf of the courts, in varies cases connected to real estate.

The firm maintains steady contacts with the different authorities, among them: Israel Land Administration, Israel Railways, Israel National Roads Company, municipal authorities and the planning and zoning authorities.

The firm represents settlements, corporations, businessmen, builders, real estate and property owners, both from Israel and abroad, on matters pertaining its practice areas. The firm also represents different commercial companies, and accompanying them in all subjects that arise in their daily activities.


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