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Dr. Weinberg, who is an advocate and notary, was born in Israel in 1948. He is married and has three children and twelve grandchildren. He has been a member of the Bar Association in Israel since 1972 and a member of the Bar Association in New York, USA since 1987.

He obtained his first degree (LL.B) from the Tel Aviv University in 1971. In 1974 he graduated cum laude with a master's degree in law (LL.M) from the Tel Aviv University. He received his doctorate (D.Jur) in 1982 from the Tel Aviv University, after submitting a Dissertation on Organ Theory.

Since 1974 Dr. Weinberg has been the senior partner in the law firm in Tel Aviv which now numbers over 20 advocates.

From 1992 to 2004 Dr. Weinberg was a member of the Tel Aviv District Bar Association Disciplinary Court. For eight years he handled the administration and management of the courts. During four of these years he was the chairman of the Disciplinary Court Presidency. In the course of these years Dr. Weinberg initiated and put into place a comprehensive reform in the administration of the disciplinary courts, including, inter alia, improvements in the courts' sequence of activities, a change which put an end to the delay in handling cases in the courts, which had been a problem for a long time.

Similarly, within the scope of his role as chairman of the Tel Aviv District Disciplinary Court Presidency, Dr. Weinberg initiated and presided over public trials, on disciplinary matters such as: ethics and the family law; the duty of trustworthiness and loyalty owed by advocates to their clients and their obligation to keep the clients' information confidential and privileged.

Dr. Weinberg initiated the release of a CD "Pador Ethics" which contains judgments of the Disciplinary Courts, and which was distributed free of charge by the Bar Association to all lawyers, in order to provide members with knowledge of the practiced law that is, by nature, obscure, and with the purpose of assisting members to avoid a situation in which they could face disciplinary procedures in respect of actions that they did not know constituted disciplinary infringements.

During 2004-2007, Dr. Weinberg had been the head of the Bar Association Committees Section on the issues of legislation and representation at the Knesset. Among these committees are the Legal Fees Committee which also deals with the fees of associated occupations, the Committee on the Bar Association Law and the approval and registration of advocates, the Disciplinary Law Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Committee on Universities and Colleges and the Profession Protection Committee.

Within the scope of his position Dr. Weinberg has operated alongside the Chairmen of the Committees in coordination with the Knesset Team Presidency on all matters pertaining to legislation, representation in the Knesset and the handling of matters that oblige the intervention of the Bar Association Central Committee.

Within the scope of his position, Dr. Weinberg has initiated amendments to the legislation regarding the judgment of disciplinary actions concerning advocates and he is currently responsible for the formulation of Amendment 32 to the Bar Association Law.

Since 2007, and up until the latest elections to the Bar Association (2011), Dr. Weinberg has acted as the Deputy to the President of the Bar Association, as a member of the National Council and as a member of the Central Board. During the above mentioned period, Dr. Moshe Weinberg acted, among other things, as the Chairman of the "Bar Association Re-Structure Team" - a team that submitted a comprehensive plan to restructure the Bar Association, a plan that was approved by the Central Committee, a member of the "Profession Overflow Team" – a team that submitted a comprehensive plan to prevent professional overflow, a plan that was approved by the Central Committee, the Chairman of the "Court Function Team" - a team that submitted a comprehensive plan to streamline the functioning of the courts, a plan that was approved by the Central Committee, the Deputy Chairman of the "Public Service Placement Team" – a team that dealt with the assimilation within the Arab sector, the Chairman of the "Team in Charge of the Returning of Suspended Lawyers to the Bar Association", a member of the "Appointing of the Bar's Counsel Team", a member of the "Obligation Training for Lawyers Team" and a member of the "Expert Certification of Lawyers Team", a staff member of the "Coping with Cluttering of the Courts Team" - a team appointed by Judge Moshe Gal, the head of the Courts Administration and the former head of the Bar Association, Attorney Yuri Guy - Ron, and the Chairman of the "Minimum Rate Team".

In 2009, the Minister of Justice had appointed a Nominating Committee, by the 32nd Amendment of the Law Bar Association, in which Dr. Weinberg was a member on behalf of the National Council of the Bar Association.


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