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Planning and Zoning

Our firm represents many clients in all matters regarding the area of planning and zoning, by submitting objections to construction plans at the municipal authorities and at the planning and zoning committees, including filing claims to the different courts in order to protect the clients' rights, on one hand, and by promoting and submitting construction plans on behalf of the clients, on the other hand.
Our firm also represents many clients who were affected by different decisions of the State of Israel regarding their land, focusing on the infrastructures areas that are mainly national projects such as roads and railways.
As part of these projects, the State usually expropriates land for the sake of advancing development (paved roads, railway tracks, railway stations etc.), and breaches citizens' property rights, as well as damaging their quality of life. The purpose of defending the owners' interests is to balance the public interest for development and advancement of infrastructures, and the owner's basic rights.
Our firm represents the clients who are affected of these procedures by accompanying them all the way, protecting their proprietary and economic rights according to the law.

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